When I was 3, I threw down a big screen TV while Tom Petty sang Free Fallin’. I guess I wanted to see what would happen. Spoiler: Sparks flew, I hid (still singing).

My curiosity often led to “what can I get away with,” but I’m good with it.*

At 9, I crashed an untended bar and helped myself to a swig of scotch. I spit that crap right out, but then I came up with a little something I called the Penfice. It was my first invention, and I’m sure you can imagine how convenient a product like that could be.

So, problem child or problem solver? I still ask myself that most days, pen in hand, breakfast KIT KAT in mouth.

Luckily, my mom still likes me. She even sends me job posts every day. On that note, please help!

 *I do regret that one drawer.